About Us



A warm Hello to you from the Bradford family and Hearstrings Music!

We have loved and played music all our lives, from Mom and Dad to the youngest in the family.  God has given us a vision to play and sing together and then take our songs and share our music and ourselves with others.  We have been in a number of different venues, and it has been an adventure and blessing!

In addition to singing, we play a variety of instruments.  Together we play Schulmeric Carillon handbells.  As the children have been born and have grown, they have joined in learning to play bells.   They each have also learned individual instruments.  Susanna, the oldest, plays concert harp, piano, violin and viola.  Charity is next, playing violin and piano.  The younger ones are learning piano and they each plan to learn a string instrument as well.  In our presentations, each family member has a part, both performing and in the behind the scenes work of set-up and preparations.

Music is a tie that binds us together in more ways than one.  It involves a lot of practice time.  There are many other details to learn about sharing music publicly and even doing some speaking and sharing love and truth with others.  We also get to meet many wonderful people and travel to interesting places.  Other side benefits to this pursuit include the fact that it has provided our children with wholesome, inspiring ways to spend their time, which we believe is essential to a healthy up-bringing.

In a time and a culture that is at increasingly great risk, we desire to share the ageless truth that God created each precious human being, and that they can live out God’s plan for their lives and their families.  The Ten Commandments are still relevant.  The Bible is still the message that tells us the story of Jesus and our hope of salvation and eternal life.  There is forgiveness for sins and there is hope and healing for sorrow, loss, and pain.  God can still enable His children to live authentic Christian lives.  He still purposes to give Peace on Earth and Favor to all mankind!

The joy of music, Jesus Christ, and family togetherness is a great blessing to us and we trust you will find the same for yourself and your family!